10 Ways For Preppers To Use Egg Crates

Egg crates, often seen as a byproduct of purchasing eggs, possess surprising versatility beyond their intended purpose. For preppers and individuals seeking resourceful ways to repurpose items, egg crates can be invaluable. From storage solutions to gardening aids and even insulation, these humble cardboard or foam containers offer numerous practical uses. Here are ten innovative ways preppers can make the most of egg crates in preparation for various scenarios.

  1. Seed Starters and Planters: Egg crates make excellent seed starters for gardening. Their individual compartments provide an ideal environment for starting seeds. Simply fill each compartment with soil, plant seeds, and watch them sprout. Once the seedlings are ready for transplanting, the compartments can be cut apart and placed directly into the soil, minimizing root disturbance.
  2. Organizers for Small Items: Egg crates are fantastic organizers for small prepping supplies. Store items such as batteries, matches, sewing supplies, fishing hooks, or even small tools in the compartments. The segmented design keeps everything tidy and easily accessible, making it an efficient storage solution for various gear.
  3. Fire Starters: Cut the egg crates into individual cups, fill them with sawdust, dryer lint, or shredded paper, and pour melted candle wax over the top. Once the wax hardens, you’ll have homemade fire starters. These compact, lightweight fire starters are handy for camping trips, emergency kits, or whenever you need to start a fire quickly.
  4. Soundproofing and Insulation: Egg crates, particularly the foam variety, can serve as makeshift soundproofing or insulation. Use them to dampen sound in a room by mounting them on walls or ceilings. Additionally, they can provide extra insulation in windows or doors during colder weather, helping to retain heat indoors.
  5. Protective Packaging Material: Cut egg crates to size and use them as protective packaging material for fragile items. Their cushioning properties can safeguard delicate objects during storage or transport, reducing the risk of damage.
  6. DIY Art and Craft Projects: Egg crates are a treasure trove for crafters. They can be transformed into various art projects, such as making flower decorations, creating animal shapes, or even constructing intricate sculptures. Paint them, glue them together, and let your creativity run wild.
  7. Compost and Worm Bins: Convert egg crates into mini compost bins or worm farms. The compartments can house kitchen scraps, shredded paper, and other organic materials. They provide a controlled environment for composting or worm cultivation, which can yield nutrient-rich soil for gardening.
  8. Pet Toys and Bedding: Pets, especially small animals like hamsters or birds, can benefit from repurposed egg crates. Use them to create homemade toys by cutting and shaping the crates into mazes or hideaways. The cardboard or foam material can also be shredded and used as bedding material for small pet enclosures.
  9. Egg Transporter for Off-Grid Lifestyles: If you’re living off-grid or in a rural area, egg crates are an excellent way to transport fresh eggs. Their protective compartments prevent eggs from cracking during transportation, ensuring they reach their destination intact.
  10. Emergency Shelter or Camouflage: In survival situations, egg crates can be repurposed for constructing temporary shelters or camouflage. Their lightweight nature and ability to interlock make them useful for creating walls or hiding spots, providing temporary refuge or concealment.

Repurposing egg crates into these various functional uses not only helps minimize waste but also showcases the ingenuity of preppers and resourceful individuals. With a bit of creativity and a keen eye for repurposing everyday items, egg crates can serve as versatile tools in preparing for emergencies or simply in leading a more sustainable lifestyle.


As preppers and environmentally conscious individuals explore innovative ways to repurpose items, the humble egg crate stands out as an unsung hero, offering an array of practical uses beyond its initial purpose. With its versatility and ease of availability, this often-overlooked item proves to be a valuable asset in the toolkit of anyone seeking resourceful solutions for a range of scenarios.