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In this review we are going to discuss the King of Tactical scopes, The Schmidt and Bender 5-25X56 PMII. Initially years ago we thought, “How can those scopes be that much better to justify the staggering price?”. The skepticism kept us away until a fellow competitor insisted I look through one. I did, and then was sold on them and instantly broke but exceptionally satisfied which is definitely a worthy trade off.

Once you have used a S&B PMII you will be sold, I guarantee it. If you are not, maybe go visit the optometrist.

My current optic on my go to rifle is the 5-25X56 PMII LP H59 1cm ccw DT/ST, part number 677-911-592-90-68. This scope has the Horus H59 ranging reticle, it is very well done with the only criticism is the thickness of the ranging lines. This reticle is however made for life and death use making the bad guys dead and the good guys not, so it is imperative that the reticle striations can be seen in adverse conditions. The reticle is also illuminated with a brightness adjustment scale of 1-11 and has settings from nightvision compatible all the way to bright red. The Schmidt and Bender 5-25X56 PMII also come with Butler Creek caps to protect the lenses which is a nice touch.

For an illustration and explanation on the reticle click Horus H59 PDF below

Horus H59

Schmidt & Bender is synonymous with quality and precision, they are handmade in Germany by skilled craftsmen and it shows. This reputation has made Schmidt & Bender one of the leading suppliers of precision scopes in the world. As early as the company’s start in 1957, Schmidt & Bender has engaged in the development and production of riflescopes that always meet the ever increasing requirements of civilians and law enforcement alike. The 5-25×56 PM II line is no different.

The 5-25×56 PM II model is setting the benchmark for the industry in terms of optical quality and mechanical reliability. Due to its great magnification range and well-engineered performance it is very popular among military/police units as well as competition shooters which are demanding the best of the best.

Owners manual


The Schmidt and Bender 5-25X56 PMII is the most popular specification of the 5-25×56 PM II. It is largely in use in military/police units around the globe. Also among competition shooters this scope is standard due to its universal use with big magnification and an extremely comprehensive total adjustment range. Schmidt & Bender scopes all have very nice turrets with very good detents, good audible clicks and accurate tracking. With S&B you get what you pay for.

The Double Turn elevation turret is one of their most popular and sought-after turret designs. It provides a visible rotational indicator and has two rotational settings. The indicator changes colour during the transition to the second rotation from black to yellow, which corresponds to the yellow font on the turret. It is ideally capable of providing the adjustment travel needed for long-range shots and does so with ease.

First turn, turret windows are black

H59 Schmidt and Bender 5-25X56 PMII

Second turn turret windows are now yellow

H59 Schmidt and Bender 5-25X56 PMII

The precise parallax compensation with an engraved meter index, is going as close as 10 m/11 yd up to infinity. The 5-25×56 PM II/LP has a large list of reticle choices in first and second focal planes, this one as mentioned is the H59. In a 5-25×56 PM II/LP rifle scope, none other can truly compare! The rubberized zoom ring is also very comfortable in the hand and has just the right amount of resistance while turning, very nice.

Beefy yet very accurate parallax turret

H59 Schmidt and Bender 5-25X56 PMII


Scope Weight: 39.82oz
Scope Length: 417mm/16.42″
Magnification Range: 5-25x
Scope Objective Diameter: 56mm
Scope Tube Size / Mount: 34mm
Turret Adjustment (Click Value): .1mRad CCW adjustment
26 mRad Total Elevation
+/- 6 mRad Total Windage
Elevation Turret Details: DT (Double Turn)
0-26 mrad
Windage Turret Details: ST ZS CT (Single Turn; Zero Stop; Capped Turret)
±60 cm
Parallax Adjustment: Side Focus Parallax 10m->∞
Reticle Position: First Focal Plane
Reticle Details: H59 Reticle
Field of View: 5.3 – 1.5m @ 100m
Exit Pupil: 10.95 – 2.28 mm
Eye Relief: 90mm/3.54″
Twilight Factor: 8.8 – 38.9
Light Transmission 90%
Illuminated Reticle: Yes
Scope Finish: Matte Black
Scope Turret Rotation: Counter Clockwise (CCW)
Product Type Riflescopes
UPC 191992003770
MPN 677-911-592-90-68


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